Local Police Warn of New Phone Scam Here in Simi Valley

There is a new phone scam here in Southern California and the Simi Valley Police Department are issuing a public warning.

The Simi Valley Police Department issued a formal warning on January 19, 2024, regarding a fraudulent scheme targeting residents in and around the city. Law enforcement became aware of a deceptive operation in which a caller maliciously impersonates the Simi Valley Police Department, utilizing the official phone number, 805-583-6946.

The imposter assumes the role of a police officer and provides a call-back number, 831-222-0933, which leads to an AI-generated voicemail box. The recorded message falsely identifies itself as the Simi Valley Police Department Civil Division, urging callers to leave their name and number for an alleged call-back.

In response to this fraudulent activity, the police department strongly advises the community to verify the authenticity of any calls purporting to be from their department or an officer. Residents are encouraged to directly contact the Simi Valley Police Department's dispatch center at 805-583-6950 to confirm the legitimacy of any communication.

It is crucial to note that there is no Civil Division within the Simi Valley Police Department, and the department does not engage in soliciting donations, fines, or warrants over the phone. As technology enables more sophisticated scams involving AI, residents are strongly advised to exercise caution and uphold a vigilant stance.

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