Top 10 Best Restaurants in Simi Valley CA 2024

Hey there foodies, are you tired of the same old dining experience in Simi Valley? Well, get ready to discover the top 10 best restaurants of 2023 that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and give you a dining experience like no other.  From mouth-watering steaks to savory sushi, Simi Valley has a little something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining or casual eats, this list has got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to indulge in some delicious cuisine and explore the culinary gems of Simi Valley, then keep reading to find out which restaurants made the cut. Get ready to take your palate on a journey through the flavors of Simi Valley and prepare to be wowed by the diverse offerings of these top eateries. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite spot or just passing through town, these restaurants are definitely worth a visit. So, let’s dig in and discover the 10 best restaurants in Simi Valley, CA!

Best Thai Restaurant

Thai Kitchen

Topping out our list of the best Thai food restaurant in Simi Valley is Thai Kitchen. There are quite a few Thai restaurants here in Simi Valley, and most of them are not what I would consider "authentic" Thai food. Short of booking a flight to Bangkok, Thai Kitchen is the best there is. The owners and all of the workers are Thai, so they know what proper Thai food is suppose to taste like. If you are a fan of spicy Thai cuisine, be sure to tell them that you like your food spicy (Pet Pet).

Best Pizza Place

Fatte's Pizza

There are a lot of Pizza Restaurants in Simi Valley, so it wasn't easy picking the absolute best. However, after much deliberation, it was decided that Fatte's Pizza should hold that top spot. It doesn't hurt that Fatte's has an ongoing buy one get one free promotion. I mean, the only thing better than pizza is two pizzas. They offer takeout and delivery. In addition to delicious pizza, they offer chicken wings, subs, and salads.

Best Sushi Bar

Tomodachi Sushi

Sushi is another popular type of restaurant here in Simi Valley with many great Sushi restaurants, but hands down the best in town is Tomodachi Sushi. The sushi offerings are, without a doubt, of the highest quality. The 911 roll, highlighted for its unique flavors, lived up to its reputation without overwhelming spice. The spicy tuna and yellowtail, each noted for their respective merits, showcased a delightful combination of freshness and flavor. Tomodachi Sushi has become our preferred destination for exceptional sushi.

Best Mexican Restaurant

Palapa Mexican Grill

Mexican food is really popular in Simi Valley, and the number of restaurants within the city proves that. This is one of those topics that probably deserves a list of its own, and don't you know it, we made one. Which restaurant has the best tacos, the best burritos, the best tamales, etc? Of course every restaurant shines at some particular dish, but the best place overall for Mexican Food here in Simi Valley has to be Palapa Mexican Grill.

Best Italian Restaurant

Beto's Italian Bistro

Another of our favorite Simi Valley restaurants is Beto's Italian Bistro. This place serves the best Italian food in town. Try the linguini and clams, paired with a Caesar salad to kick things off. Seriously, the food is mouthwateringly good. Now, the vibe in there is pretty fancy – think dark lighting and tea light candles. Ideal for a cozy date night, for sure. Paired with a glass of Pinot Grigio, and you've just sealed the deal for a well-rounded and reasonably priced dinner – you definitely get your money's worth!

Best Burger Joint

Behemoth Burger

Now it's hard to judge the best burgers in town, as there is so much great food in Simi Valley, but our vote goes to Behemoth Burger. They are known as the home of the monstrous half pound hand ground rib-eye burger. Combine this with fresh cut fries, and homemade potato chips, you've got yourself a flavorful meal. The staff here is simply wonderful. You can genuinely sense their enthusiasm for having you as a guest and their excitement for you to savor their dishes. A quick heads up – the food might take a bit to arrive. But hey, it's all freshly made, and in my opinion, that extra wait is absolutely worth it!

Best Steak House

Sutter's Mill

When picking the best Steak House in Simi Valley, it's not just about the meat, it's a combination of taste, ambience, and price. With this in mind, the absolute best Steak in Simi Valley, that won't break the bank, is Sutter's Mill. They are known for their prime rib, but everything there is pretty good. We've consistently enjoyed great service here, be it for a casual date or a festive holiday get-together with their subdued lighting and tranquil ambiance. One major perk is the absence of a corkage fee. The best part about Sutter's Mill is the bill! Every item on the menu is reasonably priced and might just have you second-guessing those times you splurged twice as much at a generic chain steakhouse.

Best Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Spot

In our opinion, The Sandwich Spot is an absolutely fantastic sandwich place! It took us a while to finally try this spot out, but let me tell you, it exceeded all expectations! We've tried a bunch of different sandwiches, our favorites being the Stanley Cup, Rocco Italian Sandwich, and The Son of Odin. The sandwiches are all a decent size, bursting with flavor. Top-notch service, and the interior was spotless. Count me in for a return visit – hands down one of the best sandwiches we've ever had!

Best Breakfast Place

The Flying Yolk

We've never been a big fan of breakfast, that is until we tried The Flying Yolk here in Simi Valley. They do breakfast, lunch, or even brunch. Do yourself a favor and try out the Flying Fried Egg Sandwich! While they have other tempting options like burritos and avocado toast, our personal favorites are always one of their sandwiches. This delicious sandwich is packed with bacon, tots, cheese, and egg, it's incredibly filling. And here's a pro tip – don't miss out on ordering their tater tots on the side! They nail that perfect crispy texture.

Best Vegetarian Options

Ali Baba's Cafe

Simi Valley is not known for its vegetarian food, and although Ali Baba's Cafe is Mediterranean, not a vegetarian restaurant, they do offer plenty of options for both vegetarians and vegans alike. The cuisine is outstanding – flawlessly seasoned and consistently delicious! As for vegetarian options, the sauteed veggies, dolmas and vegetarian plate are fantastic. The staff is always helpful, and the service is surprisingly quick. We love that they support the homeless population as well, one of the better establishments in Simi!


Opinions of what is the best are very subjective. For the sake of this article, the opinions expressed are a mixture of our own personal experience, reader input, and online reviews.

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