The Original Pizza Cookery

Pizza is firmly entrenched in comfort food territory, but for those with gluten-free diets, it is a forbidden treat. My mother suffers from a severe gluten allergy and would often lament the lack of a good option for gluten free pizza. She would wax poetic about her college days, of eating cold pizza the morning after a big night, or of cramming for finals and taking breaks to eat a hot slice of pepperoni. It made me sad to not be able to take her out for her favorite meal. I don't have the same allergy, and had been enjoying the great pizza at The OPC with friends since 2001, so imagine my elation when I realized that The Original Pizza Cookery has come to the rescue with a delicious gluten free crust, made with the utmost care and concern against cross contamination! The crust is toothsome and not at all cardboard-y, and when paired with a robust tomato sauce and your choice of toppings it becomes almost indistinguishable from a traditional pizza! They also offer gluten free pasta, and bread sticks, as well as a few sweet treats! Gone are the days of pining away for a good slice, The OPC has you covered! With Love, and Pizza, anything is possible!

Currently Closed
The Original Pizza Cookery
75 W Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(818) 887-4770
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