La Reina Catholic School to Close After Six Decades

After 60 years in operation, La Reina High School and Middle School will be closing down at the end of this school year. The closing is due primarily to a lack of enrollment and depleted reserve funds.

La Reina High School and Middle School is an all-girls Catholic School that first opened in 1964. In the past eight years, enrollment in the school has declined approximately 53% from 575 middle and high school students down to 268 for the current school year.

“We trust you will understand that this decision is not an easy one,” stated Tony Guevara, president of the school. “It was made after careful discernment and after multiple continued efforts to improve La Reina’s sustainability over many years.”

Guevara later goes on to say that the drop in enrollment is largely due to the “challenging financial headwinds” facing the school, as well as “recent inflationary pressures, increased need for tuition assistance and diminished reserves.”

The school will “work closely” with current students hoping to find enrollment in other Catholic schools moving forward and will continue to provide guidance and referrals to faculty and staff looking for new employment.

There will be an open forum at La Reina this evening at 6pm regarding this announcement.

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